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Naavi, the owner of was earlier operating which was later squatted by a US company which sold the domain name to an Australian Company. After extensive correspondence with the Australian company it is noted that this company is operating in a different zone and is unlikely to cause serious consumer confusion. But visitors here may take note of the fact that currently is not associated with the Australian company There are many hyperlinks on the web and also on this site where the URLs may be mentioned as . These need to be read as  In some cases the links may have to be completely revised.
After the release of the Avatar film, Google searches on Naavi are often redirected to information related to the film. This is because the Google algorithm is inefficient and cannot distingusih Naavi from Navi. Visitors may note that there is no relationship beween Naavi of this site who is an individual by name Na.Vijayashankar and the producers of the film Avatar.
Recently Flipkart promoter Mr Sachin Bansal has also launched a group of companies under 'Navi' brand name and operates in the Fintech market. Consumers are confused about this company and Company has refused to acknowledge its conflict of name and continues without showing any disclaimer on its website.  Public are hereby warned that or Naavi personally has no relationship with such companies and shall not be responsible for any activities of such organizations.
The term "Naavi" is becoming popular worldover and new web identities under the name "Naavi" are coming up frequently. Another Indian company operating under the name is "Naavi Waterwas Private Limited" a company formed by Rakesh S Tiwari and others, Rm No.313, 1st FLr Building, 3 Narmada Hsng Scty,Link Road,Oshiwara,Andheri (W) Mumbai Mumbai City MH 400053 incorporated on 1th march 2022. Also launched a mobile App by name Happy Savari. Visitors may note that Naavi of is not related to this company.  MCA and IT authorities should also take note of this.
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