Here is A Domain Name Service
....That Keeps Disputes At Bay
No Name is a Safe Name

Disputes have become synonymous with the word "Domain Names". The Trade Mark related disputes have become so common in the Cyber world that it appears that No Name is a Safe Name. 

The moment your domain name becomes popular, there will be some body somewhere in the  world who may pounce on you with a "Trade Mark Infringement" notice...and all your brand building investments may go down the drain.

Many times, even if you seem to have an iron clad case to retain your domain name, fighting a Court battle or a WIPO arbitration fight may be too expensive and disturbing.

The Future Looks Gloomy

Today  over 40 million Domain names have already been registered, with over 60 % of them with the .com extension. There appears to be no name in English that will not be similar to an existing name.

Indians have rushed to book lakhs of dot in domain names since the registeres were opened for generic names recently. Each one of these registrations could be a source of legal dispute with those who have already booked a similar name under say dot com extension.

Even names in other languages will not be spared if they are replica of trademarks related English words.
Additional TLD s introduced by ICANN are of no use since  an existing name with a different TLD extension could be a direct infringement of the Trademark right. Name extensions with prefixes, suffixes or spelling changes or in abbreviated form are all subject to disputes.

The future for Netpreneurs therefore looks bleak.

Now There is Light at the end of the Tunnel...A  Service To Resolve Disputes

To  reduce the intensity of Domain name disputes and to resolve them amicably, Verify4lookalikes Service  comes as a boon to all  domain name registrants. 

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