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Following are the Lookalike Sites brought to you from ( If you are browsing through this website, please be advised and notified that this site does not have any relations with the sites listed here in as "Look Alikes" and any similarity is only accidental


The domain name is derived from the abbreviation of the name of the domain holder as written in Kannada, a language in India. Naavi is the popular name by which the  owner is called in the physical society. This domain name was first registered in 1998 but was squatted by Buy and later sold. A Notice was served at time when it was squatted on but could not be purused. Notice was also served on the current holder who is outside the jurisdiction of India. However, since no conflict is perceived with the current holder, no action has been initiated.

The current holder has been requested to provide a similar disclaimer as this though he has not obliged.


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